About ME:

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My name is Ian

I was born on May 5, 2003 in Falls Church, VA.

Things I like


I love music, like my Mom and like my Mom I love ROCK n ROLL. I'm learning to play the drums, I love it! I love to sing and dance, too.

I  love animals of all kinds, especially prehistoric ones! I love going museums, zoos and aquairums. I even got to go to Dinosaur World.

I'm like Thomas the Tank Engine and trains in general.


I love books!

  I love arts & crafts, especially coloring/drawing and making stuff.

  My favorite candy is M&Ms. They are yummy!


For a special treat Mommy takes me McDonald's for chicken nuggets.

Here are some cool blinkies Mommy snagged for me: 














Some graphics from: 
Blinkie Obsession
From the Heart Postcards, Scribbles, Misty's Blinkies, Carrie's Sim Corner (links no longer worked for these sites)