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Books about Pugs, Pug stories, and books with Pugs in them 

  • Pug Shots - Jim Dratfield
  • Pugs in Public - Kendall Farr
  • The Essential Pug - Howell Book House
  • Pugs - Filomena Doherty
  • Pugs A complete Pet Owner's Manual - Barron's
  • Pug's Hugs - Margaret Allen
  • Dig Ivan Dig! - Wendy Ann Gardner
  • Unlovable - Dan Yaccarino
  • Postcards from the Pug Bus - Phil Maggitti
  • Molly Moon's Incredible Book of Hypnotism - Georgia Byng
  • Molly Moon Stops the World - Georgia Byng
  • Molly Moon's Hypnotic Time Travel Adventure - Georgia Byng


Forever Pugged
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Pug Dog Club of Maryland
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Forever Pugged
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Some Pug Graphics from Fur Babies Pug Graphics however last time I tried link didn't work.

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